This Planet

We Humans haven't always been clever, looking at the history of humanity and the way we have evolved. there's obviously an element of collective intelligence that is gradually growing as we go. For example some 60 years ago we were between two world wars  which both resulted in the deaths and scars of millions of people … Continue reading This Planet


I remember back in the days when I didn't have any phone or laptop, I only had a desktop computer, and the internet was an exceptional commodity not anyone could afford. I used to come home patiently waiting to switch on my machine, sign in, and start chatting away. I would find messages from people, … Continue reading


I think Facebook is destroying our social life, birthday's have no meaning any more, Facebook is going to tell you when is anyone's birthday and you can't actually point out who genuinely remembers your birthday and cares about you. And the fact that we sign in to Facebook on a daily basis, we read news about our … Continue reading Facebook