UEL Mobile

UEL Mobile is a mobile web App that brings a variety of services within the reach of students and helps them get to their classrooms in a quick and simple way to avoid being late, simply by reading directions. It also provides travel info and social updates provided by the corresponding UEL pages.

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And check out the demonstration video of UEL Mobile on Android, my recent project with the University of East London:

Try it Yourself here : 

 A. User guide: Installation on iPhone

To use UEL Mobile on an iPhone device it is possible to browse to the web App on the iPhone and save the page as a bookmark which would appear on the home screen and this allows easy access to UEL Mobile on iPhone. The figures below illustrate this process:

  1. Enter the following address in the phone browser: http://www.web-e-learning.co.uk/Group1/index.html
  2. Select the options button and selecting bookmark.
  3. Rename the app and save it to the home screen.
B. User Guide: Installation on Android
  1. First download the apk file from this URL: https://db.tt/YG3l4CVv
  2. Install the application on your android device.
  3. Launch UEL mobile from the application menu.