This Planet

We Humans haven’t always been clever, looking at the history of humanity and the way we have evolved. there’s obviously an element of collective intelligence that is gradually growing as we go. For example some 60 years ago we were between two world wars  which both resulted in the deaths and scars of millions of people many of which haven’t completely shaken off the effects as yet. Looking back at those events was that something that could have been avoided if we humans were a little more evolved?

Naturally humans forget, while this could be one of the greatest bliss we have, it also has a catastrophic downside. I feel by now we seem to have forgotten about war and the scenes of misery it has brought to many countries and populations, and when the image is vague enough we will start preparing for the next clash.

The truth is humans will always be evolving, which means there is always something for us to learn. and the fact is we will probably never meet perfection.

We populate this planet going around using it’s resources. burning the excess, wasting food, polluting it’s air, to me we are like a virus, that has been spreading across the planet and it’s only a matter of time before we completely cripple it and render it inhabitable.

I lead with this dark and grim image just to reflect how serious the situation we find ourselves in today. Right now I see humans putting so much effort and money to go out in space and explore other galaxies which have the potential for incubating life. while I am a deep advocate of science and all research, but we have a perfectly functional home for us, rather than or before spending billions every year to go digging around the universe looking for potential homes, wouldn’t we rather spend all this money in fixing the the damage we’ve done so far, bring it to halt and make sure this planet is sustained for the future and next generations? because this is a chance we own. our search across the universe is a gamble.

The first step and key to achieving anything in life is awareness. To deal with a problem or improve a certain situation you have to be aware of it’s existence, and be aware that there could possibly be a solution if you have a solid plan. We have to be aware of the current problem first and foremost, we need to realise that this planet isn’t going to last long if we keep at this destructive pattern. our population isn’t decreasing, it’s growing, everything is expanding and growing, and the more people populate the earth the wider becomes out problem if we do not manage this growth and the way we utilise this planet’s resources.

We can start by spreading more  awareness among groups and individuals, mass campaigns to make everyone aware of the gravity of the current situation, get everyone to be more invested in the well-being of the coming generations to walk this earth. also as mentioned previously all the money and funds are being raised and pent and arguably wasted in research of the universe, this can be slightly channelled to be more focused on sustaining the planet and improving the ways we maintain our resources. we can teach young generations that they only need to use what they need. you don’t have to waste a hole bottle of shampoo when you’re showering, you don’t have to buy a plastic cup for your coffee every single morning or 3 times a day.

When these resources run out we are going to turn against each other and world war all over again. Because when humans become desperate they fall back to their primitive nature  chucking all evolution they attained against the wall.