I remember back in the days when I didn’t have any phone or laptop, I only had a desktop computer, and the internet was an exceptional commodity not anyone could afford. I used to come home patiently waiting to switch on my machine, sign in, and start chatting away. I would find messages from people, friends I have met online, waiting for me, checking on me and warmly greeting me. Everyone had this hub they come to in the evening, and everyone would chat with everyone at these times. It was time that I enjoyed because it was limited, and everyday I set in my head what I intend to achieve something specific during this time. “I want to ask someone out today, I want to get a date today,  share my interests with someone, and know their likes and dislikes”. Things like this are in my mind before I start my “Internet time”, every session had specific minutes, that you actually achieve at the end of the day.

This makes me think how social media these days is just plaguing our society, these days you are always connected, constantly logged in, you have a machine that’s always running, just waiting for you to suck your soul and brush your brains away, on this small device you can achieve many useful tasks. These days you can order food through the phone, apply for a job through the phone, meet your soul mate, make friends, and get married over the internet, next thing you know people are going to have babies through the phone.

You also have all your social media Apps where you can communicate with the world, this is where the “social plague” kicks in,  it’s called social media but it’s actually anti social, where people are isolated from the real world by connecting through the cyber space using their tiny  electronic portals, only looking at virtual objects, creating virtual ties, and indulging feelings triggered by virtual realities. How is this by any form or logic social? we don’t need to speak to each other anymore, we just text from one room to the next, we don’t need to ask the good old how are you? because we know how is it going through our Facebook wall, we don’t need to ask what did you have for lunch, we can see that on Instagram, what music do you like? oh right I’ve already checked your Google plus page and I know.

This conveyor belt that’s called Facebook, it is truly an obsessive pit, if you don’t keep throwing your babies or food onto it, you’ll be forgotten, you will feel like an outcast while you actually are in the real world, but you only had your likes to make you feel better about yourself.

Get on the train, try to count how many of the people are actually reading a book and not obsessively browsing their phones. Just walk in public one day and try to observe how many people are walking like iZmobies all deeply gaping into their phones and not even looking where they’re going, sometimes I think of just stepping in front of someone and see if they are can move away from danger. And this actually reminds me of the situation of humanity in general, we’re just walking into a pit of darkness without even looking or knowing where we’re headed.

Our societies are degrading by the day, I can only imagine what kind of decline we’ll witness in the level of talent, achievements, and creative thinking with people only occupied with their phones, the people inside them, and the food they are going to post about. With you connected 24/7 to the internet, the amount of time you’ll waste is dangerously colossal, and how many things you will miss out on in the real world? you have no interest in your real interests any more, you just want to get on and chat on, post and text, how will you be able to concentrate on anything any time or productively allocate your time to your daily tasks?

I want those times back where you can actually achieve something during your day and not just dissipate your energy and thoughts into the cyber black hole, this addiction that we grow everyday is something more destructive than anything ever plagued the human plane. We might not see or touch it’s effects but in time this tumor is growing under the skin until it explodes and there is no fixing it because it’s too late and too damaging.